Ferame Network About us

About us

Ferame sees itself as a pharmaceutical company working to capture a large portion of the complementary market in the country and elsewhere. We will continue to interact with our clients in a reliable, respectful manner. 

Our Mission Statement

We intend capturing the African imagination as regards provision of pharmaceutical services. This will be a pan-African pharmaceutical company which truly understands trading conditions and cultural variations across Africa. Ferame Pharmaceuticals will thrive to empower communities everywhere they trade and will be sensitive to the environment and seek to protect it at all times.

Manufacturing of Ferame products

There’s a proliferation of so called pharmaceutical products in the South African market, especially in the complementary field. 

Most of these complementary products are of dubious origin. We at Ferame ensure that our products are manufactured at GMP (good manufacturing process) sites.

We can proudly say that our products are safe, effective and of good quality. We comply will the law as regards complementary medicines and we list our products with relevant health authorities in the country

Ferame marketing

We use various strategies to reach our targeted market. We recognise that there's huge interest in network marketing across South Africa.

Our products have been rebranded to reflect the high standards we hold ourselves to. We are alive to various effective strategies like Facebook marketing. There's a huge potential to attract networkers through that medium and we endeavour everyday to keep our profile in peoples faces, so to speak.

Campaigns across radio and print media are also plausible avenues to spread the word about our excellent products. Ferame networkers become part of the Ferame family upon registration. They are supported with various marketing tools like posters, flyers, car stickers etc. All these are personalised to maximise and channel marketing to promote their business.

Our social responsibility projects are a good platform to entrench  Ferame network in people's imagination. As much as this act of giving back to the community is a moral imperative, we leverage this to grow and popularise our network

Find out more about our business opportunities

As a Ferame networker you buy products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. The difference is yours to keep. On top of the margin, you can earn additional bonuses, rewards and incentives based on your sales results and recruitment. 

If you sponsor other people to join Ferame network, you can be rewarded for helping them reach their sales goals. Customers can enjoy our products and buy them online at anytime and anywhere.

As your business grows you have the opportunity to advance upwards through numerous qualification levels, earn specific bonuses, awards and recognition with each step. 

Your Ferame business can reward you in many ways earning additional income, developing new skills in business and life, creating a better work-life balance, travelling the world and making new friends – it is all possible with Ferame.