Ferame Network Compensation plan

Compensation plan

Let's delight you, a prospective Ferame Networker, with our wonderful compensation plan. This is your passage to financial freedom:

1.When you register with Ferame Network, you pay R499,99 for a starter kit that includes products, pamphlets, flyers, posters, car sticker etc. You are immediately ready to grow your business and get others to help you make money

2. You can recoup the R499,99 you pay for the Starter Kit in a month and we can show you how.

3. As you progress up the ranks, you are eligible for more money. This can become a full time occupation. You write you own cheque and determine how much you want to earn. The sky will be your limit!

4. You will make money as commission from all your recruits and their recruits too.

5.The higher you go on the network, the various commissions multiply. The rewards are amazing and you can start living the life you deserve!

6.All those holidays at exotic destinations, the car you always cherished, the house you desired etc, all these are possible here with Ferame Network.

7. To reward your hard work, you will ultimately qualify for a bonus based on the Company Turnover. This is a total package, come with us as we change lives with this shared benefit.