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Ferame - Networking & Complementary Medicines 

Welcome to Ferame Network, an organisation that specialises in providing a top quality range of health products and medicines, that create financial wellness and health, for consumers and members of Ferame. Ferame Network is a proudly South African brand, that aims to empower people within and outside our borders, about the latest health and financial wellness trends. Through such initiatives it supports a longer life expectancy and achieving some of the United Nations developmental goals on health and wellness, in general. We achieve improved health and financial wellness by creating sustainable complementary products of the highest quality. The core products, currently under Ferame, are the popular Bio M.U.N.E (focuses on assisting the body as an immune system supplement, health supplement, daily immune support solution, supplement to increase immunity and that of the pain pruf gel(focuses on treatment for sports injuries, sport injury reliever, a pain relief gel, anti-inflammatory absorbency gel, muscle strain treatment, remedies for bruises. Ferame Networkers prides itself on providing quality products, that will help you achieve and exceed living a healthy lifestyle. 
The aim of Ferame Networkers is to continuously improve peopleโ€™s lives by making people feel healthier, financially freer, and stronger. Today, Ferame Networkers has made it a must to continuously engage and ensure that the message of health and financial wellness is communicated through our product offerings and constantly staying connected to our clients and prospective customers through various social media platforms โ€“ namely Facebook (@feramenetworkers), Instagram (@feramenetworkers) and Whatsapp +27 81 584 9583

Ferame Pioneering Products

Leading Complementary Medicines

BIO M.U.N.E Capsules 

Formulated by pharmacists to promote general body wellness. It contains a blend of different micronutrients in the right proportions to assist the body to strengthen the immune system. 

Pain-Pruf Gel

It is a pain and anti-Inflammatory Gel available in 50ml. It can be used by sports people, the young and old and does not stain clothing or bedding. It is smooth, aesthetic and sinks readily into the skin.